Mobile Business Technology Tools

Whether it is servicing or marketing teams that you company is looking at to make more efficient and productive; a full-integration of mobile technology tools is paramount just to keep up with the competition, not to mention beating them. Today in business we must deal with shortages of labor and therefore efficiency, not only due to cost is a make or break for a company. Let me explain why these issues are so important to me.

You see when our teams set up in a new territory and grid out the market with maps, like all companies do, we know we have to get to all the locations ASAP and sign up customers, without efficiency. We cannot win that market or even begin to scratch the surface and believe me we have spent some big dollars in the past trying to integrate our online service calls, with our communication system out in the field.

I remember 15 years ago, all we had were pagers, then came the alpha-numeric 1-way and then 1.5 way pagers? They were great back then about the time cell-phones came into play. Computers and email – you wish. Unless you were with ARPA-net or Bell Labs you did not even know it existed. Eventually the technology got better and many companies early on immediately jumped on board. FedEx and UPS were early adopters and yet nothing as good as what your company now seems to offer.

We tried many things and crashed and burned, because the systems were simply not robust enough for what we needed. Yes we had PDA systems for credit card transactions:

But nothing that was fully integrated, as the scheduling software was on another program and the GPS was also a separate unit, of coursed in 2000 we were promised all this with 3G wireless, but now one really came to the plate with a viable option, a fully integrated system like you have here. We had stand-alone units for our auto-dealership accounts and it worked cool:

But alas, still not integrated with our mobile units, causing chaos and hurt feelings too often with customers and constant review was necessary just to monitor changes to prevent conflicts in scheduling. Well that is my story and I have quite a bit of “Murphy’ism” on the scheduling software in my career too, we shall save that for another day.